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Effect of sildenafil

Sildenafil is the same product that Viagra Brand, the differences are connected solely with patent rights, but this aspect isn’t on the pharmacology of any relationship, completely falling under copyright. As the original drug, sildenafil has the same composition on basis of sildenafil citrate and, of course, acts on the body of men in same way.

Differences between the two drugs are В«cosmeticВ» nature and are in a different form the tablets, slightly altered colour of her and other taste odorants. Of course, the sildenafil own packaging and labelled it as a pharmacological remedy. Effect on the organism of the man of both drugs is once again drawing attention to this issue are quite the same. All of this can be specified in sildenafil Reviews.
Effect of sildenafil
Erectile dysfunction in the modern world has ceased to be exotic diagnosis. And age the extinction of the reproductive function in men isn’t in first row of the reasons for this sad state of Affairs. The enumeration of these reasons, alas, is traditional: a permanent stress, all the more not natural food, bad ecology (no matter how trivial or would that word), beautiful and fashionable – but very close! – underwear. It was only the listed enough to one of the finest systems of the male body began to fail.

And this is reflected in the reduction of the generation of own organism testosterone is the main male sex hormone, including against psychological problems, and uncertainty in the forces.

Injections, prosthetics and vacuum massage for a long time remained the only means to achieve a full-fledged erection, sparing the patient at least for the time of sexual weakness.

However, by the end of the last century in the network of pharmacies of steel to do the first drugs of new generation, which capable to restore the quality of erection after taking them. The first appeared Viagra, which included sildenafil, buy which it would be possible even without a prescription.

Pharmacological В«ambulanceВ» in such disorders presented on the market of a whole series of products, one of the most famous is the brand name Viagra. The active ingredient in Viagra is sildenafil. An interesting detail: at the time, a group of active agents on basis of sildenafil has been investigated as drugs, supporting cardiovascular system so activity of a preparation in absolutely other part of an organism was for researchers as a complete surprise.

What is the principle of action of sildenafil?
This biologically active substance has a specific action and causes blood flow to the organs of small pelvis. Naturally, the erection when it is prolonged, that promotes quality and long sexual contact in the joy of both partners.

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