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side effects

British scientists studied the effect of sildenafil on mice.

Sildenafil Reviews deserve the interest on them you should also know: – tides blood to a person – by 10.9percent of cases; – heartbeat 1percent; – strong headache – 10,8percent; – dizziness – 2,9percent; – violations of the perception of color vision: the world is mainly in the blue light, is increased the sensitivity of […]

Effect of sildenafil

Sildenafil is the same product that Viagra Brand, the differences are connected solely with patent rights, but this aspect isn’t on the pharmacology of any relationship, completely falling under copyright. As the original drug, sildenafil has the same composition on basis of sildenafil citrate and, of course, acts on the body of men in same […]

Who should use sildenafil?

In absence of organic lesions of genitourinary system, sildenafil is guaranteed improves the erection. In addition to the actual directed Pharma-impact, the effect of sildenafil greatly help to improve the psychological men’s self-esteem, which is statistically provokes long-term normalization of the male reproductive function. The placebo effect, as always, work, although in this case we […]

Men Potency

The disorder of sexual function always becomes a real problem for men regardless of nationality. Statistics says that almost every person of 20 years, at least once, but is faced with symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), namely, the lack of stiffness of the penis into the excited state, as a consequence of the absence of […]

Dosage is individual.

Viagra is taken orally one hour before sexual intimacy. Dosage is individual. Single dose is 50 mg drug per day. The maximal dose is 100 mg of the drug a day. Minimum dose is 25 mg drug per day. Sildenafil Side effects Sildenafil is tolerated well as in primary and repeated takings, confirmation of this […]

After receiving Sildenafil

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