Sildenafil Citrate ®

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The active substance of this preparation gets to blood

Sildenafil are present in the market in form of pellets, of twenty-five, fifty and one hundred milligrams. Each tablet contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate in appropriate dosages (namely, at twenty-five, fifty and one hundred milligrams). Leading specialists recognize today that sildenafil is a very powerful and high-quality product for treatment of virtually all of erectile dysfunction in the initial stages. The desired effect is achieved in half an hour or an hour after using the medical agent; therefore, sildenafil should take 1 tablet shortly before direct you planned sexual intercourse. Is one tablet in the course of four hours, so the repeated sexual acts in the taking of this product is not necessary.

The active substance of this preparation gets to blood, begins to increase blood flow to male genitals, which in turn contributes to a significant strengthening of the penis at the right time. However, it is worth mention here that sildenafil is not in itself an exciting product. It is effective only in the case of a natural sexual arousal, which is confirmed by sildenafil Reviews.

Since the drug was generally well tolerated in the human body, the major contra-indications are not revealed. Although in certain violations of sildenafil must be used very cautiously and only after consulting a doctor. To such dysfunctions include: hypersensitivity, heart disease, various blood diseases, multiple myeloma, and anatomical deformation of the male penis. Use of sildenafil along with nitrate drugs and donators of nitric oxide is prohibited. Patients with unstable angina, arrhythmia, collapse, pigmented retinitis, as well as those, who suffered a heart attack or stroke less than 6 months ago, to take sildenafil is also prohibited.

The usual dose is 50mg, which is accepted in one step 1 once a day. It’s recommended to take 1 pill of 1 hour prior to anticipated sexual intercourse. In the case of individual approach, this dose can either be increased to 100mg or decreased to 25 mg. Men who have reached sixty five years of age, to take more than a 25 mg/day are not recommended.

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