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Who should use sildenafil?

In absence of organic lesions of genitourinary system, sildenafil is guaranteed improves the erection.

In addition to the actual directed Pharma-impact, the effect of sildenafil greatly help to improve the psychological men’s self-esteem, which is statistically provokes long-term normalization of the male reproductive function. The placebo effect, as always, work, although in this case we observe him, not in its pure form, but by the spouses is hardly interesting.
Who should use sildenafil?

  • Almost all men, objectively reproducing have a problem with the quality and duration of the erection.

Increases whether sildenafil sexual attraction?
Sildenafil is not a medicine in the full sense of the word, rather it is some crutches, support the individual functions of the sex of the Constitution of the men. That is why no – besides the psychological – increase libido does not occur, as the local impact of the medication on the ability of cavernous bodies of the penis to take increased under the influence of sildenafil blood flow doesn’t affect the hormonal background. And if it’s too low, then the treatment must take place with the help of other drugs affecting other systems of the organism. To be sure, you should read sildenafil Reviews.

Sildenafil Side effects
Sildenafil is tolerated well as in primary and repeated receptions. In rare cases, there are the following sildenafil Side effects: headache, hypersensitivity to light, tides blood to a person, dyspepsia (indigestion), dizziness, nasal congestion.

How safe is sildenafil?
There are restrictions on the use of sildenafil. And here we come back to the history of the discovery of specific action of the drug on the male body: if the patient is actively heart funds (Nitroglycerin, Cardicat, Isoket, Nitrong, Monosan, etc.), use of sildenafil he is categorically forbidden. The combined effects of these drugs on the body may lead to a sharp drop in blood pressure, which is obviously dangerous.

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