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The disorder of sexual function always becomes a real problem for men regardless of nationality. Statistics says that almost every person of 20 years, at least once, but is faced with symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED), namely, the lack of stiffness of the penis into the excited state, as a consequence of the absence of a full sexual intercourse.

Unfortunately, many men do not seek help because they feel embarrassed and modesty. Some representatives of the strong half of humanity expect that everything will be solved by itself. And another category of problem is so serious, as if they had nothing can help, and therefore have to accept it. Fortunately, this is not so. Practice has proved that impotence is not a sentence, and it means, that it can and must be fought.

Sildenafil is a medication for the treatment and prevention of disorders erection – and-erectile dysfunction. Viagra acts on the natural mechanisms of man’s erect penis. It is used for men who suffer erectile dysfunction of various origins (vascular diseases, nervous disorders erection).

Action of the preparation is based on increasing the blood flow to genitals in men. Sildenafil isn’t an aphrodisiac and is not a hormone. The drug Sildenafil practically starts in 30 minutes after oral taking and lasts not less than 4 hours. Patients can take Sildenafil almost daily.

Taking of Sildenafil is possible with acute food and alcohol, this is a confirmation of this you can find in sildenafil Reviews

Sildenafil is a preparation for the improvement of potency in men

A unique medicinal remedy to eliminate the problems associated with male potency. It helps with disorders of the erection of a various origin. Dissolving in the organism, the drug provides blood flow to sexual organs of men, after which comes the erection.

Note that in this case you cannot do without sexual stimulation. Sildenafil can’t replace your desire, it only provides for successful erection.

Dosage form: Sildenafil is available in tablets of 100 mg, which contains 100 mg of Sildenafil citrate.

Contraindications Sildenafil
Use of Sildenafil is contraindicated in:

  • – persons under 18 years of age;
  • – given the sensitivity of the substances (Sildenafil);
  • – the simultaneous use of the donators nitrogen oxide, nitrates (Sustac, Nitrosorbidum, Erinit, Nitroglycerin, Nitrong, etc.)

Take with caution in:

  • – diseases of the blood vessels and the heart;
  • – deformation of the penis;
  • – anemia sickle-cell (hereditary disorders of hemoglobin);
  • – multiple myeloma (cancer);
  • – leukemia (disease of the bone marrow).

Before you try the drug, be sure to consult with your physician, who knows all the peculiarities of your body and will help predict the possible consequences.

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