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British scientists studied the effect of sildenafil on mice.

Sildenafil Reviews deserve the interest on them you should also know:

  • – tides blood to a person – by 10.9percent of cases;
  • – heartbeat 1percent;
  • – strong headache – 10,8percent;
  • – dizziness – 2,9percent;
  • – violations of the perception of color vision: the world is mainly in the blue light, is increased the sensitivity of the eyes to the bright light;
  • – stuffiness in nose – 2.1percent, and of olfaction – 5,5percent;
  • – violation in the work of the stomach, vomiting – 3percent;
  • – reduction in blood pressure, bleeding from the nose, fainting;
  • – On the part of the reproductive system may appear excessively long painful penis, requiring urgent medical intervention.

An analysis was carried out 1473 cases of sildenafil side effects (data for 1 year). One of them 522 deaths: 94 men have died from cardiac arrest, two hundred people from myocardial infarction. The most often death occurred in the first six hours after taking the drug. The dead persons have diseases of cardiovascular system of different severity. It’s believed that the cause of death in this situation isn’t the medical agent, and sexual activity in people with heart sickness. Thus, the situation turns out ambiguous: on the one hand man is sick and he had at any moment there might be a heart attack, on the other hand, he took sildenafil, which is contraindicated in his illness. Perhaps nature is more wisely comes depriving potency such patients, cares the most about the duration of their life. To prove the «guilt» of sildenafil is practically impossible, consequently the company producing it is not lost as long as a single court case. Therefore, the «core» you must weigh the pros and cons and to discuss the use of sildenafil with your doctor. In the instructions to the preparation of a separate line is written: «drugs intended for treatment of violations of erection, must not be given to men for whom sexual activity isn’t desirable».

British scientists studied the effect of sildenafil on mice. It turned out that it reduces the likelihood of conception by 30percent, the sperm cannot reach the egg cell, as all the nutrients they need for this is spent before. A similar effect in humans there is no data. The company claims that the drug does not affect reproductive function and even improves it, contributing to coitus.

Sildenafil do not use children and youths up to 18 years of age. It’s very important that this medical agent was developed to treat fairly expressed sexual disorders and is not intended for use healthy men. In other words, sildenafil has no effect on healthy people. But if a person who considers himself a healthy, after pill has improved function of the penis, it is really he can suffer some of the «hidden» violation of the penis.

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